Research shows that excluding children from school can result in them being socially excluded as adults. It is often the first step on the slope to crime, poverty, homelessness and eventually prison. Parents are told that they cannot take their chldren away on holiday during term time and truancy is punished because regular attendance at school is essential for a good education. So why should the Government think that excluding a child will not harm them?

Why is this idea important?

The Department for Education states that full time education is important for a child so using exclusion as a discipline tool is a nonsense.  Children with special needs are 4 times more likely to be excluded from school yet these are the ones that really need to be in school full time. Keeping children away from school through exclusion is no different to playing truant or going on holiday during term time. All three are absenteeism; all three damage children's education and future. There are some schools that do not exclude children and yet still maintain good behaviour and academic success. Those that choose exclusion just can't be bothered. Of course not all children who are excluded will become socially excluded in their adult life. Not all smokers develop lung cancer but we don't advocate smoking, do we?

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