School headteachers have been given powers to 'fine' parents if they take their children out of school for a holiday during term time.  Most parents are not wealthy and do not have access to tax payers funds in the way corrupt MP's have, and so have to survive on the monthly wage or state benefits.  The importance of a stable family has been proven to be the basis for a stable society.  Family bonding and family time spent together are crucial in passing on values from parent to child, and to ensure the child is happy.  Travel companies exploit school holidays to maximise their profits at the expense of the less well off in society.  To avoid this some families have to take their children on holiday when it is cheapest (i.e. term time) and in a profit driven country, this cannot be helped.  Caring parents want happy children.  Holiday time as a family promotes bonding and love, and this helps to ensure a strong family unit.  The law that stops a parent from choosing the best time for the family to spend quality time together is an intrusion, and oversteps the divide between government (nanny state) and parent.  It is common sense that a child's education will not suffer by having a week or two out of school; in fact it probably helps the child to relax and rest in the safe confines of the family.  Parents with no criminal records suddenly find themselves criminalised by a school/local council when they decide to go on holiday at a time that suits the family.  The state should be there to support parents bringing up the next generation of citizens, and not impede the natural growth of the family.  Common sense should be followed as to where state control ends and natural family law begins.  If Indian families can take their children out of school for 6 weeks during term time, why can't other families take two weeks out of term time to go to Blackpool?  This is not a racist comment, but a true fact of school life.

Why is this idea important?

Parents are the ultimate decision makers for their children, not power crazed head teachers.  Patrents need to be supported not criminalised for strengthening the family structure.

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