I am not Asian,African,Indian or Muslim.I'm what I suppose would be classed as a WASP,White Anglo Saxon Protestant and I've been stopped and searched more times than I can remember,more often than not,simply because the officer felt like it.Being searched in a public place in full view of the public is embarressing and degrading to the person being searched.On 1 occasion I was made to drop my trousers in the middle of a public park with people walking past staring at this spectacle.No-one should have the right to be able to humiliate another human being in this way.

I now fight back by politely stating that I have no objection to being searched,however,I do object to being searched in public and if the officer wants to search me he/she will have to take me to the police station before I,ll submit to it.I discovered that this created a problem for them because technically they would have to arrest me  which creates it's own problems such as reason for arrest(I haven't refused or resisted remember),all the paper work an arrest generates,the tying up of 2 or more officers for upwards of an hour and,if you have nothing to hide,the subsequent release with no charge and the following legal action against the police for wrongful arrest,harassment or unlawful detention.

If every victim of this police act of abuse were to do the same as me,it wouldn't take long before the police would be buried in an avalanche of their own beaurocratic excrement.I urge all stop and searchees to act as I do and just maybe,1 day,a person will be able to walk around without the fear of being made to strip for a sniggering audience.

Thank you for your time and attention.Timsk.

Why is this idea important?

It's important because we live in a supposedly civilised society but to treat people in such a derogatory manner is only a step away from such brutal regimes as those that have plagued places like Nicaragua or Iraq for example.At what point do people cease to become citizens and,instead, become subjects?

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