If you want to restore people's freedom's, educating them and no longer pulling the wool over their eyes is a start.

Parliamentary Acts are NOT Law – they are STATUTES.  Statutes are only given the FORCE of Law, with the CONSENT of the governed.

As such, all of these "laws" that people are breaking, aren't – they are rules of a society we had no choice in joining, and no hope of leaving as our "membership" was signed, sealed and delivered the day our parent's registered our births.

Note the first part of the word registered is REGIS – the mere act of registration is handing title ownership to the crown.

People believe they are free only because they are told they are free, but they all know that something is fundementally wrong with society.  SO, TEACH people the difference and stop treating us like we''re idiots.  Don't forget, you are our public SERVANTS, not masters.


Why is this idea important?

If you started with the next generation and told them all that they are French, they would believe it because the ONE organisation they are meant to be able to respect, they can't.

Teach the difference between common and civil/admiralty law in schools and let the future of this country choose it's new direction based on FACT, not lies.

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