There should be a law against unfair practises of Authorities, Insurers, Governments, Landlords (enriching themselves disproportionally through association with predatory clamping practises) who should refrain from unfairly targeting motorists as a source of easy revenues and Governments raising  taxes by placing VARIABLE RATES on fuel.  A FIXED rate is what is required. 

Why is this idea important?


Voters can see through hare brained schemes camouflaged as "safety" and this does nothing to instill trust with the abovementioned.  If an accident blackspot occurs, then look into the root cause and fix that first. 

If fuel prices go up, the government should not be seen filling their boots by increasing their share of profit from the HARDSHIP suffered by those of us who have no alternative than to commute by car. We have to work to earn a living and pay for our childrens education, not to pay the fuel bill or repay the deficit NOT CAUSED BY US. 

As a motorcyclist, I have seen massive deterioration of road surfaces over the last 10 years or so. 

A safety first approach will mean improving the "black spot" eg sweep up loose gravel, fix the potholed road surfaces, widen roads where possible, add signs and appropriate lighting and as a last resort put  up a camera – not a first.




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