The Queen should not have to pay income or capital gains tax

Why is this idea important?

What right really do parliamnt have to tax the Monarch? That is like an employee fining their boss. The tax money that the Queen pays could account for the lack of funds which She has to cover (out of her own savings) that her income is supposed to cover.

One Reply to “Stop taxing The Queen.”

  1. What I find so difficult with taxing the Queen and that is She is responible for Millian of pounds worth of revenue from the thousands of visitors that come to this Country just to see our Royal history and our queen and Roal family. How can you justify her tax bill. She had to pay for the restoration of St Georges Chapel at Windsor. Let me ask the question can the queen sell Windsor Castle and its contents? I think not, since in reality it is owned by the nation so that begs the question why did she pay for the restoration of St Georges Chapel. I believe getting her to pay tax and she having to pay for Windsor was just a political move beauce the Republical movement want’s to dilute or eradicate the Monarchy in this country. IT MUST NEVER HAPPEN. With the issues we with all the different sections of the community if this Country was a Republic I dread to think what would happen to it’s stability.

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