Children are getting traumatized and later in life can evoke eating disorders. One boy shut himself in the toilets when a letter got sent home and another refused to eat. What is going on? this should be only for children who are obese, not some scientist who decides a weight is dangerous. We all know through and through that the gov health officials can get things wrong. Please please please don’t give children food issues because they can go the other way and get anorexic and die not of fat round the heart but of organ failure brought about psychologically through the drip drip effect of worries on food. All they need is someone stating they need to worry when clearly they don’t need to. Who will be supporting the mum when their child dies of anorexia there is already pressure out there to? The very scientists would still get a good night’s sleep. also who is to know down to a T if every single ingredient does not eventually kill us? And also stop schools from raiding children’s lunches, some mothers have little idea because that is how they got fed, the ones checking are not nutritionists and all mothers should be spoken to about food and if they don’t get it teach them till they do not go to social services. Also for obese children, teach the mothers, get rid of companies making bad food look good to children, actively be with them and help them because some children just refuse to eat carrots and broccoli and many of us haven’t, you can’t leave them to it, cause they’re the parents after all, then get social services cause they are the rules. That is inhuman.

Why is this idea important?

Because someone out there hasn’t thought of it. If anyone tells me my children are overweight when they don’t look it without checking how well their heart is working or check their thyroid and other medical tests I will not tolerate it. If they check for obesity they should check for scurvy and all the other illnesses they could get.

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