The DVLA infamously advertises that it crushes people's cars if they do not pay road tax. This is a grossly disproportionate penalty and entirely inappropriate for an offence of that nature and severity. The DVLA should be banned from doing it, and anyone who has had their car crushed by them in the past should be awarded compensation.

Why is this idea important?

The penalty for breaking a law should be proportionate to the severity of the offence. In this case, it is not, rather the law is oppressive and overbearing on this matter.

2 Replies to “Stop the DVLA from crushing cars if people don’t pay road tax”

  1. Having just been told that my good condition peugeot 206 has just been crushed after just over a week of impoundment i can t express how much i agree.
    I’m currently living in Bristol and had my car, which i hadn’t used since september, registered at my sisters house in london. She went back to australia for the last couple of months and so only found out about the letters today when she returned to one saying that it had been crushed.
    Surely if you send someone a letter saying that you are about to crush their car and you dont hear back from them , then it’s clear there is something wrong with how you’re trying to contact them. Even someone who for whatever reason couldn’t pay their bill would call up to ask them not to do it, or complain.
    They had our phone numbers, our car had a years insurance and mot on it, and they cant be bothered to try and call us once.

  2. If anyone see this and are in a similar situation or also think this is ridiculous then please contact me as with the election coming up i think this would be a good time to try and change this insane policy.

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