I’ve learnt that people despise these “vermin like creatures” but in my opinion, I believe that the gull culling is wrong.
Having a passion for wildlife, and ornithology, I believe that no bird is different in terms of characteristics. The fact is, people also despise Feral Pigeons (Columba livia), but nobody has thought about calling a cull. What people don’t understand is that no matter the size, nor ferocity of a bird, they are just hunting for survival. It’s all well and good, that we spend £200 million (average spending in uk per year) on small, garden birds each year in the UK, to conserve birds, but the point is nobody cares to feed our common seabirds. Your intelligent people, and I’m sure you know that we shouldn’t ‘splashing the cash’ on seagull food, but that’s why we see them commonly, raiding through litter bins in schools and public areas. Think about this: take a Goldcrest for instance: without bird food, provided, the Goldcrest’s natural instincts are to forage (in fact they forage 80% of the day), which is exactly what the seagulls are doing.
Breeding season
It’s a fact that the aggressiveness of birds during the breeding season increases, it’s the same in Robins too. The breeding season runs from February into August, which in hotter months, people take trips to the seaside. I’m sure we all love to be by the sea, but it’s just chance that we run into these gulls, when their hunting and foraging for food, for their young. And since nobody feeds them, they become aggressive towards humans and steal food. And so what, we lose a chip or two, it’s not a big deal. But as I mentioned earlier, they become more aggressive when other birds come into their territory. It’s the same convention with humans.

Why is this idea important?

There is no reason for this gull cull, and just remember: relate back to the birds in your garden- it’s just the same.

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