Because it's ok everyone jumping on the Band Wagon saying Prisoners are treat to leniently there are people handed sentences in this Country so called England a free Democracy that you would'nt sentence an Animal too i mean harsh manifestly excessive is too trivial a word some Defendants are Buggered good and proper by the system. The Magistrates Court's should be renamed Police Courts because in their eyes the Corrupt Police can do no wrong "yeah right" also the Crown Court Judges are just poor Evil and don't sentence Criminals fairly some do get far more a severe sentence than the Crime they'd actually committed. I'm not saying let everyone off scott free but at least let the sentence relfect the crime fairly after all justice is all about a balance.. 

Why is this idea important?

Because too many people in this country are sent to jail thus clogging up the whole prison system and really jails should be for serious crime or offenders who just keep offending not defendants who made a mistake in life once or twice Jail is not the answer to every known crime in this country there are alternatives The Magistrates and the Crown Court Judges need to know or be told when jail is inevitable or when not lock up everyone 

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