i was accused of a sexual offence by my stepdaughter but it was thrown out of court by the CPS as lack of evidence i have copies of all the statements I have fought for years to clear the comments from the police off it the CRB office says it should not appear The citizens advice says it should not appear on it so does my lawyer it never got to court the day i was due to appear at maidstone crown court they said it was threown out due to lack of evidence and i was free to go home but kent police still insist on it being there it has cost me dearly as a member of the management committee of a communitee centre due to it having a youth club there and also was contributed to me being made redundant from a college and not found a suitable placement withing the college it ha salso cost me by disallowing me to complete a driving instructors course and becoming self employed it just seems the police are now judge and jury and are allowed to put down anything even if you are not guilty there are times when i wish it had gone through the system and been found innocent at least it would have been final whatseveer happene dto our constitutional right of innocent until proven guilty as far as kent police is concerned your guilty until proven innocent  i hope we can get back to what the law is supposed to do and that is find real criminals and not keep records of people  who have had cases dropped due to lack of evidence.

Why is this idea important?

to stop the police being a judge and jury thats why we have courts if it is thrown out through lack of evidence then give people  the benefit of the doubt this all happened over 10 years ago i have worked hard and tried to get on with my life not easy when you can only find a pizza delivery job and had your hours cut from 60 to 26 and cannot get more hours yet they can take on more drivers

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  1. The police are becoming judge and jury when they have a vendetta against someone, it has to stop.
    Soon the British people will revolt against the establishment for not keeping the police in line ,the police are becoming gangsters thinking that there will not be any repercussions they are wrong there will be a big kickback
    over there thinking that they are above the law , it is already starting to happen, they stop witnesses going to court even when the witness wants to give evidence, they prosecute people without evidence, then think people will respect them, my solution is to lower the crooked police force we have enough criminals running our lives as it is.

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