Stop these idiots Policing our St's being able to seize peoples vehicles as and when they see fit. Yes if a Cars uninsured then it should be seized to stop uninsured driving. But to allow the corrupt Police personnel to seixe a persons car because as i've heard them say to poor people they seized vehicles from "cos we can" is Crap. I mean come on if you get a Rogue Police Wally who decides he does'nt like the person he's stopped and he knows the Laws he can exercise to seize that persons vehicle he'll do exactly that.    

Why is this idea important?

Cameron and Cleggy are all about openess fairness clarity etc "of course you are"? Stop this injustice being able to be commited by the Police how can it be fair that a persons stopped their vehicle totally checks out to be legal then the idiots seize for some other reason. It needs to stop now "Full Stop".

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