Because they are an easy target for a police officer to get his offences targets up the motorist always falls victim.

Pulled up because a rear light is out or for some other silly reason, then "what else can we find that you are doing wrong. Police forces have spent thousands recently on things like ANPR systems and computer databases. Have the spent anything to catch the Burglars, Robbers and muggers on our streets. I think not.

In my local town we dont have enough Police officers to deal with the serious crime that is goig on but come across a polieman sitting in his car as you drive past him and lo and behold he will be behind you in a second.


Take some of the Police powers away on motoring and divert them to the serious issues.

We dont have enough Police officers so get them off the motorist'  back.


By the way I have no motoring convictions of any kind so it's not sour grapes

Why is this idea important?

It's apparent, well it is in my local area, (Nottinghamshire) that crime levels are high. Albeit major robberies attacks and mugging, to simple matter of antisocial behaviour and children taunting and annoiying disabled and elderly people

The Police have got to be made to address these sorts of crimes seriously and not go for the "easy" target of a bloke who doesnt know his back light is out on his car cos he is looking forward while driving it.

The Police service in North Nottinghamshire is virtually non existent and was recently reported as the worst in the country for crime figures.

We need drastic change and more police officers cathcing real criminals who at the moment seem to be able to get away with their crimes..

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