Training Wage Bill 2010-11
Most of this article will be speculation because the Bill is a Private Members Bill so we cannot get the contents of the Bill.

The National Minimum Wage doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon. The official term would be to be repealed, however, I am stating it will become “dissolved” as such Bill is aiming for legislation to bypass (not remove or replace) the National Minimum Wage what appears to be beyond any Government scheme.

A Bill to make provision that persons receiving a training wage are exempt from legislation relating to the minimum wage; and for connected purposes.

The above is a description for the Bill. We can only assume this means apprentices etc. and those deemed to be “training” (outside of Government unemployment/training/employment courses) to be able to receive below the National Minimum Wage.

Why is this idea important?

This will affect everyone who is working.It is effectively trying to dissolve/scrap the national minimum wage. Coerced labour/workfare will be the biggest benefactor.  


Big business will be allowed to offer far less than minimum wage and job seekers wont be able to refus.  This is a deplorable attack on the minimum wage, peoples right to life, and a signifcant lowering of living standards.  The government and big business willl be the ones that profit, the big business limitless slave labour, the government sneaky attack on welfare to get people sanctioned for upto 3 years.


Unions will be stitched up, eunemployment right will be effectively gotten rid of and it will now be cheaper to hire and fire unemployed british workers.


Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this story as above.

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