how about some innocent until proven guilty over here?

I have spina bifida and use a wheelchair, cant walk at all, i get income support and DLA (which for those that STILL dont get it, IS NOT AN OUT OF WORK BENEFIT, many disabled people who work get DLA, it helps them work, by actually getting them there and helping pay towards adaptations, without it they probably couldnt work, and you know what that means)

obviously, being on income support i dont work, but im no scrounger, i want to work, always have done, got things i want to do, i believe in 'if you can you should' and have just taken the first steps in trying to do this (but with 3 million unemployed i dont hold out much hope)

despite this  with the previous and now coalition government i am constantly treated with suspicion first and subjected to sometimes humiliating, not to mention fixed against us, medicals to see if were 'fibbing' about our genuine lifelong disabilities, and now,despite doing nothing wrong we are about to have people snoop into what we spend too!!.

really makes me feel good about having the gall to be disabled this stuff does, maybe i should rip my legs off and put new ones on eh, oh how i wish i could. 

especially when it makes average joe and joanne out on the streets treat the disabled with suspicion and, shall we say, distaste, i was out with my uncle a few days ago, hes just bought a second hand porsche (hes a lifelong military man, iraq, kosovo, ireland, now works with cadet training on the health and safety side of it) and i lost count of the number of dirty looks we got when people saw him take my wheelchair out of the car. you could tell they were all thinking 'scrounger'. didnt matter that it wasnt mine, i was clearly sat in the passenger seat but what the hell, if youre disabled youre ripping off the taxpayer!

this is the kind of attitude this government is knowingly helping to spread,and it has to stop. we are not all scroungers.

*goes to try to get a job*

Why is this idea important?

do genuinely disabled people not deserve their civil liberties too?

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