My idea is to take away the incentive to have so many children for those woman / families who live off the state. I would give full benefits to a mother, or family who has one child. Should they have a second child then the mother should only get 50% of what she gets for her first child and if she has a third child then she will get no additiional monies.

Why is this idea important?

this would reduce the money paid out in benefits, reduce the incentives to have so many children and allow those families to have a closer and better upbringing as they are not one of many.

One Reply to “Stop unemployed and entire families on benefits having so many Children”

  1. not every one with a large family have children who are not looked after or well loved i have a large family but whilst the state dose help my husband also works to provide for our family lay off people who are on benefits with children and pick on some one else and stop looking down your nose at those who do have children there’s nothing wrong with mine

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