We are now being told that we will all have to share the burden of the banks greed and the governments incompetency in managing our economy.

Cutbacks to all government departments are being planned and it is the UK taxpayer that is going to suffer.  In two minutes i have managed to compile a list of areas that could be targeted which would save huge amounts of money and also real peoples jobs.

1)  Benefits Fraud

2)  Legal Aid (purely for people to top up their benefits with bogus claims)

3)  Compensation for trips and slips (look where your going).

4)  Disability allowance for people with nothing wrong with them (my next door neighbours).

5)  Europe full stop.

6)  Low life MP's living the high life.

7)  Job seekers for people with no intention of seeking a job.

8)  Stupid Government schemes  (too many to even consider).

9)  Extradite prisoners who cost us a fortune to keep in prision.

10)  Compensation for terrorists

11)  Human Rights for terrorists

12)  Compensation for prisoners (my uncomfortable bed gave me a bad back etc)


Why is this idea important?

Beacuse we have no money left and people are losing their jobs because of it.

Why not make some cutbacks that will cut the waste without affecting the economy or peoples jobs.

Hardly Rocket Science but better than trying to cut the public sector and risk them all going on strike.

Dole dossers and terrorists can strike all they want!

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