Following the conviction of Sergeant Mark Andrews, 37 for the assault on Pamela Somerville a petite 59 year old lady in the police custody suite. An incident in which Pamela has suffered permanent physical injury to her eyes and lasting psychological damage. Pamela who had not even received a parking ticket in her 59 years was arrested and brutalized by the police in a Police custody suit. Were it not for the Bravery of a Woman Police Officer who told a supervisor about the assault it would have not been brought to light. Many women claim they are raped and brutalized by male police offers in custody suits it is time to STOP vulnerable women being held in custody by male police officers.

Why is this idea important?

To prevent Male Police Officers braking the law by assaulting and or raping women in custody suits in British Police Stations or taking out their hatred or negative attitude towards  women on vulnerable ladies who are at their mercy.

To give Female Police Officers more power to deal with women in Police Custody.

2 Replies to “Stop women being held in custody or arrested by male police officers”

  1. To comply with the gender equality laws, a male police officer would have to deal with men if a female officer is needed to deal with women.

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