Difficulty in licensing Hydrogen Vehicles on the UK mainland is a barrier to the introduction of these zero emission and fossil alternative vehicles .

Why is this idea important?

Hydrogen production shows potential not only as a fuel but as a means to smooth the intermittency of electricity supplied by renewable sources , ie. variability of power supplied from wind turbines .

In the absence of massive infrastructural investment , the introduction of small scale H2 filling stations , powered by wind turbine , to supply small fleets of vehicles allows the introduction of those vehicles to take place , establishing Hydrogen in the real world ; levelling the playing field with other alternatives , eg. EV’s . The intemittency smoothing , offered by a collection of H2 installations , is of great benefit to the UK power grid and makes them more desirable than batter powered Electric Vehicles ( EV )  .

Established companies exist , who will be able to show you detail on this subject ;

My company is also developing high efficiency Hydrogen production systems that can make Hydrogen extremely cheaply , yet the Carbon Trust have been unwilling to support this development project ; http://blue-planet-hydrogen.yolasite.com/

Ben EJ Evans MEng


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