The rules on the separation of state and religion should be strengthened and enforced as follows:

No person holding office or employment in religious organisations or movements should be allowed to hold office in any branch of government.

The laws of the land must take precedence over religious laws, rules or preferences.

All citizens must be protected from abuse, violence or coercion regardless of age, sex or religion.

Why is this idea important?

With the rise of religious fundamentalism there is a threat to individual liberty.    Courts are being set up which work in opposition to the laws enshrined in our democracy.

Democracy enshrines the right of the individual to self-determination, religion demands obedience to ancient, outdated rules and laws.

Our laws on sexual equality are undermined by all religions current in our society, they are, therefore, not being enforced on religious grounds.   This is against our laws and should be properly prosecuted.

The laws should be clearly and emphatically redrawn to make sure they are properly understood by all.

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