Government, devolved governments, quangos and local authorities are profligate beyond belief in spending money on consultancies, reports, studies, surveys and feasibility exercises, with little if any regard to achieving value for money. In Denbighshire, over a decade of studies and feasibility studies were performed at regular intervals to attempt to asset-strip a car park in Llangollen, which would have cost tens of thousands in their drive to sell it off for development.

Much – possibly most – of this spending is wholly irresponsible and wasteful, and all forms of government must be made to live within their means. Wages and salaries first, after expunging the non-jobs, a strict limit on consultancies next, and the bulk of revenue must go to front-line services.

It should also be made an offence for those applying for planning permission to use misleading and inaccurate measurements and studies to support their applications, as is currently common practice throughout the UK.

Why is this idea important?

We need to concentrate budget spending into effective spending, by strict budget limits, and remove speculative and routine consultancies, studies, surveys, reports and feasibility exercises which are highly lucrative for the private sector and highly wasteful of public money.

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