In the light of William Hague's recent encounter with our trashy press, I think the time for respecting a human being's personal life is long overdue.

This has highlighted how essential a person's privacy needs legal enforcement behind it.

It's not a question of whether the gay affair he allegedly had is true or not. It's NO ONE'S business either way.

Bring in strict privacy press reporting laws now.

Why is this idea important?

We need to put an end to profiting financially out of causing.distress.

Yes, this originated out of idle speculation on the internet. But few people outside certain narrow blogging circles were aware of the allegations against Mr. Hague, let alone believed they were true. You can't stop people talking.

But now the PRESS have got their hands on the speculation, it's a different story. Mr Hague is now another dirty aristocratic queer. It has become household "knowledge".

This demonstrtates the power of the press over all other forms of information dissemination, and how evil misinformation can burn a place into the public mind.

It also demonstrates how scummy our press is in relation to other countries'. At the Berlin conference, all non-British reporters questioned Mr. Hague on Britain's foreign policy. The British press asked him about his private life.

Bring in strict privacy press reporting laws now.

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