There are more CCTV cameras in the UK than any other country in Europe, there aim is to prevent antisocial behaviour and reduce crime. Studies have shown(1,2) that this is not the case and crime is mearly displaced by them at best, whilst ordinary citizens go watched wherever they go about there business. Stric regulation could curtail the number of security cameras and allow people to go about there business with some anonymity.

Surveillance has gone too far, other cities in Europe manage lower crime and do not have nearly as many cameras even in sensitive areas such as banks and airports. Why do we need them here when they are costly and ineffective?

Why is this idea important?

Safety should be provided by a community and by close and open relations between police and the community, watching on a grainy image that is often inadmissable in court does not deter criminals and makes ordinary citizens feel more fear of crime rather than less. They are costly to maintain and install and should play a much more minor role in state security.

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