In July 1994, a compromise law was introduced that prohibited big shops from opening for more than 6 hours on a Sunday, this suggestion would repeal that law, and allow businesses to decide whether to open on Sunday or not.

Why is this idea important?

Consumer choice is hampered by the fact that they can only shop for 6 hours on a Sunday. The law was introduced to appease two main groups of people – Churches, although 67% of the UK population do not promote their religious views, and one Union, who feared people would be “forced” to work Sundays. Well, this is the real world – people are forced to work Sundays in every other industry. This law does not protect them. For those who don’t “work” Sundays need to go shopping, and this law prevents them from doing it for 3/4 of a Sunday. Also, people have protection from other laws in regards to working. Many people want to work Sundays, and they can continue to do so. Everybody else is legally capped at 6 day weeks, so if they are working Monday to Saturday, then another law protects the 7th day.

24-hour shops offering any time any place shopping have to close at between 10pm and midnight on Saturday, then reopen between 6am and 8am on a Monday because of this law. Repeal it, and let businesses and the consumers decide where and when they will do their shopping.

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