Repeal the Sunday training law and move back to the last laws

Why is this idea important?

Get families and Friends together for a common recharge day.  Increase profits by selling the same stuff with lower overheads.

The other posts on this page have it the wrong way round, I'm afraid.  And the argument for the repeal of the Sunday trading law isn’t about God, though he may have a point.  It's about society, family, and because I have probably not got your attention yet PROFIT. 

Have a family day, get to know people and society will benefit.  So many families are broken up by one ,other or both partners working on a Sunday, even worse as I don't see any child care available on a Sunday to compensate. 

The economy has a billion beans (£) to spend and they have to spend it in 6 days not 7.  Do you think if the shops are only open 6 days the money will be saved instead? Nope thought not it will be spent but in less opening time.  With less overheads to sell the same gear all the shops will make more profit which will be sent around the economy as good money. 

So why do they not limit the opening times? What the shops fear is an uneven playing field (that the shop next to them will be open when they are not).  It benefits neither shop to actually open at this time.  They would love to agree not to be open 24 hours as well, it hurts profits but if the shop down the road is doing it they need to or the money goes elsewhere.

Repeal the Sunday training law and move back to the last laws and hey presto, the big companies are happy as they have just reduced their overheads without losing market share.  And best of all families and friends will have a common recharge day to spend with each other, with or without god.  Britain will be a little better for it.

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