All legislation past and present and for the future should be reviewed and subjected to five year Sunset Clauses if they are not used or found to be unworkable or unsuitable in any way. All laws should be subject to recall and revision at any time subject to a test and qualification process in cases of malfunction and clear injustice in operation. Nothing should be carved in granite for ever regardless of effect or suitability for a staed purpose. The notion should be that all legislation should serve a definite purpose and remain fit and suitable for that purpose and no other.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because laws have been passed into law for one purpose and then used for other, unintended purposes. Some laws have been found to be inneffective and unjust in operation and to bear down and cause injustice on people and situations. A process of adjustment, repeal or revision should be in place and used at all times to ensure justice is intended and obtained at all times. It is our law, not that of the executive or the courts. We prose it and monitor it the courts administer it and remain under close scrutiny as here proposed.

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