Instead of householders paying more in council tax to enable the councils to recycle more why not ask the Supermarkets to contribute?

We, as the consumer, buy most of our food in packaging which we end up having to recycle. This is not a bad thing in asking us to put out the right bits in the right boxes thus reducing more that goes into landfill BUT why aren't the Supermarkets being asked to contribute to the recycling schemes. For example, they could pay for all the new recycling and wheelie bins that have recently been distrubted in our area as well as part funding the contractors costs for collecting.


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because as in the business sector where they will are monitored on how much waste and carbon is produced, Supermarkets should also be accountable for how much waste is generated. They in turn can talk to their suppliers on how to limit the amount of waste produced.

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