According to the latest scientific evidence, we need to ween ourselves off fossil fuels completely by 2050 (despite the fact that we probably have recently surpassed peak oil production). This coalition needs to do far more to support investment in renewable energy sources like wind, free solar panels for all, hydrothermal, tidal, and wave energy. We have ten years to supplement 50% of our energy needs through these methods. This government is plainly not doing enough – and plans to not do enough. We need real change and real targets right now.


This planet's natural carrying capacity is 1.5 billion – think about it. We have the technology and resources to do wonders. We need to eschew oil and do something wonderful in this bright new decade. Support renewable energy and make a noise about it – this could well be the most important issue of your life and the biggest challenge to ever confront humankind.

Why is this idea important?

Because your children's and grandchildren's lives might depend on it.

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