As a postal worker these past 17 years, I remember once reading in a Royal Mail publication how the company prided itself in supporting British industry. This was a reference to the buying of a new fleet of vans – traditionally British Leyland or Ford more often than not. Nowadays, though such a policy is all but forgotten as, somewhere along the line when no-one was looking, all our new vans seem to be Peugeots or Fiats.

The Police, too seem to use a lot of foreign cars and mainly B.M.W. motorcycles.

We could do with a new policy for all Government departments, namely the Post Office, Police, N.H.S. and Fire Brigade to buy British.

We have perfectly good motorcycles making a huge range of models in the forms of Triumph, Norton and Hesketh. There are also many commercial vehicle manufacturers out there.

Why is this idea important?

At a time when our economy is in crisis, with a huge monthly deficit and enormous national debt, the Government would be wise to support British industry, not only because of the obvious job security but because this would contain more money within our own economy instead of letting it drain away into foreign ones. Self sufficiency also, ought to be any government's priority.

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