People who try to defend their property, their families and themselves from actually or potentially violent thieves and hooligans can find themselves in the dock.

This is completely against natural justice. It allows the cocky yob to exploit his 'rights' to steal and assault with impunity and forbids the victim from self-defence.

If I keep a baseball bat by my front door (I don't as it happens) and use it in defence I am deemed to have had prior intent to bash yobs' brains in and am automatically in the wrong from the start. Yet where is it more intelligent to keep such a weapon than by the front door?

The milksops who run my local police advise us, if threatened, to retreat upstairs and call 999. If I'm lucky, an officer will visit some hours later and take a statement. Meanwhile, my house may have been trashed and my family harmed.

Why is this idea important?

Not all thieves are fools. Many can see opportunities inherent in the defence of their 'rights' and exploit them.

The balance of power needs to be reversed. If someone refuses to leave my house or garden after two clear requests to do so and a warning that there will be consequences, they should take responsibility for what follows. Only if a householder uses grossly disproportionate force should he be at risk of prosecution. If he merely breaks bones (rather than puts the yob into a coma) he should be exempt from liability, civil or criminal.

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