The SP programme when used correctly has shown many wondeful outcoms to clients.

We are are provider of SP for clients with dementia delivering a short term services to empower and enable vulnerable people to stay independent and in their own homes for as long as possible.

Outcomes have included access to much needed services, telecare – to ensure client safety and security and family/unpaid carers peace of mind, liason with professionals as a clients advocate to resoves housing issues,monies concerns etc.

This service ensures vulnerable people who require a lower level of support,  gain immense benefit and improved quality of life, which in turn maintains their health and wellbeing and in many cases means higher level services at higher costs are not required

Key words bounding around PCT and LA's are reablement and preventative services, SP i believe helps support this and provides a value for money service required by people in our communities.

To cut some of the funding would be a disaster let alone losing it all together

Why is this idea important?

People need to fight for whats required in their communities and be the voice for those who cannot be heard

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