The cost of using Welsh to conduct the business of government in Wales on a daily basis is a matter of extreme secrecy – if the population knew what it cost they would by very cross indeed but they don't. In times of plenty it is fine to indulge yourself but in times of hardship, when people in Wales are losing their jobs, spending money on Welsh Language issues is wrong. 

Why is this idea important?

During these challenging times is it wise to spend much needed funds in Wales and the wider UK on meeting the requirements of the Welsh Language Act. Government Departments,  DVLA, Local Authorites, TV Licence, Utility Comapnies print more than twice the pages necessary to convey the meaning of their materials – a recent gas bill ran onto three pages, one for the English and two for the Welsh version  – this is madness. New provision requiring Private Comopanies such as supermarkets to follow suit will cosy millions if not billions for no reason. There are no people in Wales who speak Welsh that do not understand English, there are thousands whom speak neither English nor Welsh. There is also the environmental cost of transporting and printing double materials even if on re-cycled paper there is twice the volume of ink !

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  1. Great Idea, instead of cutting benefits to save money suspend the pointless waste of money double printing every

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