Delete laws which still exist if  superseced by laws since making them 'syetem anomalies'.

Repeal long obselete 'laws' which created centruies past, cause problems in the present?

E.g. those hidden in 'small print' of property deeds requiring a owner of a property now.

To contribute to upkeep of property a distance away they knew nothing about nor anyone else. Primarily due to anomalous 'church laws'  the church authorties know about, but do nothing.

Why is this idea important?

To many times, private individuals have  found 'small print' requirements in prperty deeds Requiring them to contribute to a previously unknown property due to another parties 'mistake'.

If one can not do anything about the 'big picture' legaistalion/system anomalies,

Sucess on, in the 'small picture' makes up for it.

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