1. People who make more than one claim within a period of three years should be automatically checked to see if they are engineering multiple claims.

For instance: those who have road traffic accidents should have to declare if they have had any other accidents in the previous three years and not be allowed to 'stage' multiple accidents as is done by many.

2. Make it a necassary requirement for anyone who is involved in an accident to visit a 'Government' doctor for them to properly perform the necessary medical checks and not allow solisitors to send them to the doctors and practices who they employee and tell the claiments what to say.

3. Ban radio, TV and printed advertisements from solisitors who offer these services.

4. Make it a requirement that law firms and solisitors can be awarded no more that 50% of what is awarded in any claim filed.

Why is this idea important?

This would reduce the publics insurance premiums and will reduce the ammount paid out by the public sector in bogus claims.

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