I support tagging of minor offenders to prevent costly prison sentances and the potential harm that this can do to the individuals chances of being a positively contributing memeber of society.

Tagging should not be an easy option, it must be enforced and be a real punishment. So those tagged ought to have their freedom curtailed by being required to do community service at least 4 sessions per week (definitely Fridays and Saturdays) and unless the individual has a night-shift job, then the sessions should be early evening through to relatively late at night. This would enable the offender to continue working (and not be a burden on society). Those offenders with relatively long sentances that demonstrate remorse and committment to the community service could rise to become trustees and in this position help administer the scheme and potentially counsel others.

The remainder of their tagged leisure time should be spent at theri home address.

Why is this idea important?

Prison is not working and we need a system that works with the community and offender towards a positive outcome. Repeated offenders should not be given this opportunity.

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