At present there are laws in place, were by an energy provider can apply to the DWP to have direct payments made to them, supposedly on behalf of benefits claimants without their consent. In most cases this is a fair thing to do for non payers. But it has come to my attention that the water providers are purposefully attempting to abuse this payment scheme. By providing false information to the dwp.

To gain there direct payments regardless of whether the claimant is a non payer or not the general idea is to stop energy providers from doing this at all because it puts the claimant at risk.

Why is this idea important?

In nearly every case were deductions of this sort are being made the claimants are having to claim crisis loans to compensate for the loss of benefits. In the most serious cases the claimants are having to live on as little as twenty pounds per fortnight, which is not suitable. when trying keep up with the other requirements that you would need to maintain fair living standards.

All too often this sort of deduction seriously harms the claimants health and in desperation Meany people turn to crime and drugs to  remedy there financial problems. Out of the Meany claimants I have spoken to theses deductions also prevent them from conducting job searches effectively. i quit confident that the level of crisis loans being claimed would be reduced by taking away this unfair dwp law    

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