why is there a smoking ban in the first place? most people would say it is a health issue, and anti smokers are forever whinging about fag smoke,the health aspect for non smokers has never conclusively proved and has largely been manufactured. .a big proportion of these whingers drive cars, who seem quite happy to drive around blowing vile exhaust fumes everywhere (inside and outside) it is quite evident that these fumes ar e vastly worse then fags, therefore these people should have absolutely no right to complain. for those too ignorant to understand it is very easy to put all this to the test in the public eye and sort out this matter once and for all. we could invite these whingers to a large tv studio with one or two cars inside also, we could then close all the doors and windows and switch on the car engines,all this could be done on prime time television, is there anyone who is clever enough to tell me what would happen next? my smart money is on these whingers being brown bread in a short while.. i also have a clear message to this government. labour lost the last election because of two major issues .the smoking ban and too much immigration. a lot of smokers will not ever vote labour ever again and a lot of people because of the immigration. i dont see a lot of change from these two government damaging policies, clearly the voters got it wrong again, seems to me we aught to look towards the bnp and suchforth at the next election, its a fair assumption more people will go down this path if things carry on like they are. people are getting increasingly cheesed off with government bullcrap, and they will show you this at the polling booths

Why is this idea important?

it is important unless you want to see the muslim flag flying in whitehall, as the muslims clearly said is their aim, incidently when was the last time you saw a muslim in a smoky pub.

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