The people are paying for the rich to get richer (cuts in public services to pay for bank bailouts) There is less and less affordable housing, if there are any jobs you are not paid enough to live in this country without going cap in hand for tax credits and housing benefits.

Workers rights that have been fought for for generations are being quickly eroded.

We have a government that nobody wanted who are using the BANK induced recession as an excuse to destroy what is left of the public sector.

We are being spied on and harrassed  by the police and local councils who are supposed to be here to SERVE US!

If you do try to get off your backside and do anything for yourself you are knocked back by a wall of restictive regulation, mostly brought in by the EU who seem to run our country despite nobody wanting them.

If you want to educate yourself so that you can get a job paying enough to live on, you will be paying back the debts for half your working life, aswell as paying a huge mortgage for your overpriced home.

Giant coorperations are taking over our towns and cities, stiffling and destroying what is left of our culture, diversity and localism.

The countryside has become a ghetto for the rich, and a place for factory farming.

The list could go on.

Why is this idea important?

If you care about this country and its people, get off your backsides, leave your X Boxes and sky sports subcriptions, stop listening to the media and WAKE UP!!!!!  learn to look after yourselves, and teach your children to,  because soon it seems we will have lost what benefits and rights we took forgranted in the last century and it will be back to the mills and mines for the majority of this country.

I am not a nutter, and I am NOT inciting violence, but our country and culture is being taken from us, and we need to take it back.

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