Drugs are at the root of a lot of crime and costs to the health service. Control is the answer. Take the control away from the criminals

Don't legalise drugs distribution nor legalise drug use if it is from a non government source. 

Make it legal for registered addicts or REGISTERED DRUG USERS to obtain their drugs through a governement system.

Properly health service controlled drugs reduce the massive health issues based around the garbage that is produced by the drug gangs. That means long term a massive saving to the health service

Produceing the drugs on a free/very low cost issue.  Removes all the profit for the criminals. If there is no profit then they will not distribute it.

The crime that is caused by this would be reduced massively

Its only the politics of the thing that is preventing the resolving of this problem. Start from the 1st Jan 2011  four years of good results will prove to voters how brave and good this idea was.

Why is this idea important?

Reduces crime from the drug gangs

Less expense on the health service

Less expense on the police

Less expense in the courts

Less expense from having the criminals in prison

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