Target grade GCSE grade A* to C the right to an appropriate education

Aboloshing the 5 Grade A* to C GCSE target in education.

Why does this idea matter?

One of Lbours many attempts to mediocrity was to have targets of getting every child 5 grade A*s tto C. Sounds good except once you get to C any further effort no longer counts if you don't stand a chance of a C ther is no point even starting (unless of course we make it virtually impossible to fail at getting a meaningless C)

The grounds are a failing to get Cs is a major barrier to work. Wouldn't disagree. However this slants the whole of secondary education to mediocrity (or worse). Education should be about allowing every child to fulfill their potential, this is such anathema to this it actually takes my breath away. What I really fail to understand is how so many supposedly intellectual educationists have failed to challenge this.

Children have the same right to education and attention no matter how good or bad they are. You may even say that the country needs excellence not mediocrity and so that the gifted children should have more attention. What you cannot justify is reducing everyone to the standard everyone is capable of achieving.

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