Why are they aloud to break onto my fields. I am then told by the police I must not hinder thier right of passage or upset them.I am told by the council if the "travellers" are not gone within 28 days I will be taken to court for having an illegal campsite.All this while being thretened and intimidated by these "travellers".                        Why do I have to then get a court order to evict the travellers from my land. By the way Ihave to prove that the land is mine and I have a right to be occupy the land. This prosses takes about 10 days. I then have the privilege of clearing up after them,yuck.              I then have the joy of paying for all this and it comes to around £2500 and thats cheap and dose not include my time.                     I ask again why do I/we have to put up with them this is the 21st century and I want my right as the owner of the land to be honoured and not have to prove its mine. Why do "travellers" have ancient right and I have none unless I pay for them.          I have had this happen twice in 5 years plus agravation with tarmacers ect.         Give me the right to reclaim my land imeadiatly with police backing.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important   1"travellers" no right to my land.      2 "travellers" do use intimidation.     3 "travellers " always insist on cash payment why.      4"travellersalways leave a mess .        5"travellers" have no respect for me you or the law .       They only take notice of tha bailiffs I  wander why  .                                                

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