All the foreign HGV vehicles should have to pay a road fund tax based on the number of miles that they do on the UK roads.

Customs officers should log and issue a ticket upon entry to the uk through any port or on the tunnel.  And when they come to leave the country, the customs will check and charge the vehicle based on the miles travelled.  Either the driver or haulage company must provide valid credit details before they enter the country.

Our HGV vehicles are charged to enter countries in Europe, and pay tolls on certain roads.  Why let vehicles from Europe travel on our roads for free?

There should also be a maximum level of fuel that a vehicle can bring over from the continent in its tanks.  So that vehicles are paying UK rates of fuel duties.

If vehicles refuse or are running illegally, they should be impounded or refuses entry or exit from the country…

Why is this idea important?

To equalise the levels of tax between uk and european hauliers.

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