The scheme for sales on red diesel on our boat marina is complicated to say the least. We have to keep records of who buys what then the customer has to sign the document stating what proportion is for heating and what is for cruising. As most of our customers are live aboards it is mainly charged at the rate for heating.  We then have to file a document stating what has been sold and the tax bracket of same.  To make it worse they will not allow this document to be sent by fax and as we have previously sent a return on time but they did not receive same, we now have to go to the Post Office to get a proof of posting.  I know it can be done on line but this has proved to somewhat difficult.

Why is this idea important?

IMPORTANT because there is more and more paperwork involved in running a small business. All of which takes time and time is money when as a small company we are not staffed to the extent of being tax collectors for the government

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