Get rid of the tax disc.

Why is this idea important?

This is something you have to do ever 6 months if you are vulnerable or too poor for 12 months; it is another thing to put on the to do list every so often; the vulnerable have larger fines just for forgetting. You now get fined immediately for being overdue. You have to bear in mind when you organize your finances that you have to pay out this money ever 6 or 12 months (if you haven't been organised, you are going overdrawn). It is completely unnecessary tax as you can raise the money from petrol instead; which is the more environmental tax. it is also unfair on people like the elderly who need a car but don't use it that often. Having the MOT every year is enough. The costs of having the car are too much each you. It is using tor running he car that should be taxed, and not having a car that you don't use much. 

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