Up until now, we the people of this country, have been asked to bail out the banks after the costly and frankly greedy, errors that they made and the politicians allowed them to get away with.  This is the main reason why we are in the mess we are.  We are now being told that we have to tighten our belts and prepare for austere programs to reduce the national debt including losing our jobs.  Why?  We have done nothing wrong.

In the Civil Service we are told that we are being paid high wages and get marvellous pensions and redundancy deals.  My wage is nearly £7000 a year less than the equivalent in civvy street.  My pension is only £3000 – £4000 a year depending on my length of service and I have to pay a lot out of my salary for it and as for the redundancy deal, well who wants to be out of work?  I, like a lot of us, work very hard every day but we are constantly attacked by the papers (on a good wage etc too, that lot) and politicians who are fine ones to talk aren't they

Instead of making us pay and then pay again for rich peoples greed, why is the PM and Dep PM not chasing the people who are rich enough to be able to afford accountants to dodge the tax they SHOULD be paying.  It is them who put us in this position.  It is literally billions of pounds every single year and would clear the debt relatively quickly with out hurting as many innocent people.  I will tell you why not.  It is too difficult and would hit the politicians friends.  So go for the easier targets eh, US

Why is this idea important?

It will reduce the debt by a substantial amount and hurt the people who cannot afford it the least

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