The clause in the Electoral Law that removes the right of expatriates after 15 years' residence abroad should be repealed for those expatriates who pay UK tax.

The fundamental principle is: No Taxation Without Representation.

Every UK citizen who pays UK tax, no matter where residing, should have an inalienable right to participate in choosing the government that will decide the level of taxation.

This particularly affects expatriate pensioners whose pension and tax levels are both decided by governnent.

I have already broached this subject directly with the Justice Department and via my UK MP, but so far there has been no indication what the government's policy is concerning the voting rights of expatriates who pay UK tax on their income.

Why is this idea important?

The rationale for this proposal to allow expatriates who pay UK taxes is contained therein.

To disenfranchise UK taxpayers is an infringement of their civil liberties, especially when the levels of their primary income and the tax payable are both set by the government..

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