I know that the main purpose of this site is to suggest laws for removal,but i do want to suggest a brilliant little money -earner to contribute towards reducing the deficit.Having just returned from about my 6th visit to Turkey,i have now contributed £60 towards their exchequer.All aliens arriving in Turkey apart from Germans due to some separate arrangement,have to hand over a £10 note in return for a stamp in their passport.Ostensibly it is a 'visa' but it is just a stamp.(No change given,and must be cash.if you only have a £20 note that's tough!!) So why don't we do the same?All non-EU arrivals could pay say £20 as they enter.I have no idea how many people this would involve,but it would soon add up to a sizeable amount of cash,as thousands come in every day.No £20 no entry.No delays.you have to put the money in your passport in the photograph page,and they just remove the money and stamp your passport.Talk about money for old rope!! But it's a great idea.


Foreign juggernauts don't pay tax to use and damage our roads.Road tax should be included in fuel tax.


1. No dodging of road tax Every road user pays,and it cuts down on Police time and Court costs etc..

2. Those who drive the most and use most fuel pay more in line. with usage.

3.Foreign drivers contribute which is fair as we have to do in France and probably many other countries.

4,Cuts out administration which is costly

Why is this idea important?

See above.Both the ideas could,with very little administration,rake in large amounts of new money,or as in the case of the road tax,eliminate a whole layer of administration,reduce crime,as there would be no separate road tax to avoid paying,and above all it would be FAIR.A retired person driving 3 or 4000 miles a year will pay in proportion to their low road usage ,People will drive more carefully to conserve fuel,it will be easy to ring fence the tax for the improvement of roads.we will get contributions from all road users bringing vehicles from overseas.these huge vehicles cause wear and tear to our roads but they don't have to pay towards the repairs via road tax.

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  1. Roads
    Use the Swiss system. A single annual payment at point of entry for non UK registered cars, trucks.
    This would help level the playing field as we do not charge motorway taxes..
    £30 for cars, £100 for trucks would be a direct benefit to HMRC

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