Please please please remove the regulations requireing taxi (and prospective) drivers from having to complete a very patronising BTEC course and another Driving test.  It's alteady a requirement to have passed your Driving test for over a year and to have CRB checks and to pass council taxi specific exams. To also have to pass a pretty meaningless BTEC (at a cost of £200+) and an additional driving test that really is meaningless with the don't pull up next to a tree so the door will open as part of the test is actually insulting.  This is another example of the minutia put in place by the Labour Government becuse common sense doesn't exist! 

Why is this idea important?

Taxi firms are crying out for drivers who are, rightly, put off by the costs and bureaucracy and they in turn aren't earning and paying tax but taking benefits.  The only people these additonal requirements are benefiting are the BTEC suppliers. 

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