I am a licenced hackney carriage vehicle. Under Durham county council.. but i can pick up in one town and not another! Its devided into zones! Which means if i drop off in Durham.. and someone wants to jump in.. i cant take them! And they must go and join a huge que! As for police checks it all needs sorting out… if i want to use an escort… (to sit in for county contracts) i cannot use my mum (who is a dcc registered and police checked nurse)… no she must undergo another police check! Im fully checked.. but say i was to apply for another job.. id need another one! And another one! I AGREE that police checks need updating etc… but once someone is checked it should be transferable within government departments… AND county to county. Each time its another fee… and up to 3 month wait. I could not use a qualified youth worker who ran a dissabled club for an escort.. because she didnt have 'adults' on her 'category' section.. even though it was kids we were picking up.. more money was spent!   

Why is this idea important?

Because beurocracy or paperwork and stupid none common sence rules and regulations are stopping people getting on with business, restricting our ability to make money, and in some cases finding staff, especially for small jobs…. that arent ever gonna provide an income for a person but will help them get out the house.. and earn a little extra.  

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