I would like to repeal the law that gives charitable status to one of the wealthiest organisations in the country.

The Church of England ihas numerous assets upon which it earns a massive income. The income it earns is spent on an ever decreasing number of people who have a spiritual belief that of course they are free to practice-however I do not see why the tax payer should subsidise it in these times of austerity.

Yes, the church also spends a great deal on doing good, however it ranks charity work as cash it spends on itself promoting its own ideas. This cannot be right.

All income received by religious organisations should be taxed. Relief should be allowed on genuine charitable costs (not church renovation or prayer book purchases-genuine charity work).

There will be an argument that this will reduce the good work the church does but this is not the case. Those wishing to practice religion should have to pay to do so themselves if that's what they want to do, the state should not pay, and this will continue. In order to avoid paying tax on it's massive income, deductable charitable work will actually increase and therefore REMOVE additional burden on the state therefore savingmoney on that side of the equation.





Why is this idea important?

The repeal of the law giving the church charitable status will raise billions of pounds in revenue. It will then allow other services to be cut less (services that are more important than subsiding a personal, spiritual view of the world) and it will INCREASE chariitable work undertaken by the state saving money on that side of the equation.

On a civil liberties viewpoint it will not in any way prevent those who wish to practice from doing so, it will mean that they will have to pay for this themselves as I don't ask the state to subsidise my lifestyle. 

It will also add to the Fair society

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